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Preparing for the nls

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2023 Legislative Backgrounders (Forthcoming)

Taking Steps to prepare for the Nls

The following items should be completed in preparation for NLS. We suggest coordinating with your college and state delegation to complete these tasks


Schedule Hill Meetings – Contact your Senators and Representative in December or January to request a meeting during NLS. (When applicable, please contact your state association because in many situations the state association will schedule meetings for the state’s delegation.)


Ask Your Community – What are the needs of the community, how is your community changing, and how is the college responding to these changes?


Learn all you can about your college –  Institution's mission, key programs offered, facts about the student population, the business community served by the college, and the economic impact of college programs (one-page summary*).


Complete federal funds worksheet – Sharing the impact of these programs on your colleges demonstrates to members and their staff the importance of the federal investment in education and training programs.


Know your legislators – Do some research into their backgrounds; doing so helps you make a connection and helps you communicate in a way that gets your point across most effectively.


Group visits – Before the meeting, choose one person to be the spokesperson and start the meeting, decide the key points that should be covered, and who will raise what points.

* A one-page summary about your college is more likely to be saved in a file and referred to than a bulky packet with the college catalog, numerous program brochures, and financial reports. Bring business cards and let congressional staff know that you can answer any questions they have or provide more information about items on the one-pager upon request. This will be much preferred to an overabundance of information.
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