Community College 

 National Legislative Summit

February  | 7 - 10
Summit Overview

The National Legislative Summit is the premier community college advocacy event in Washington, DC, bringing together more than 1,000 community college leaders. The event shines a spotlight on the importance of our nation’s community colleges for Congress and the Administration.


The National Legislative Summit is designed to inform and educate community college leaders on federal policy issues that impact postsecondary institutions and students. National Legislative Summit participants will hear from members of U.S. Congress, leading political analysts, and other high-profile speakers about the current climate in D.C., recent elections, and legislative issues impacting community colleges.

Participants also have the opportunity to network with fellow community college leaders and meet with their U.S. representatives in Congress to advocate for their support for community colleges and their students.

Featured speaker

Amy Walter

One of the best political journalists covering Washington.


Great way to get educated on federal policy issues and to meet with our congressional delegation on priorities of community colleges.

Amazing - There were so many great learning takeaways.  The opportunity was fantastic and I learned an incredible amount.  The personal development was one of the greatest experiences I have had.

Great event, dynamic times in the industry, so good to get close to the decision makers.

Schedule at a Glance

2 | 6 | 2021

ACCT Committee Meetings


2 | 7 | 2021


ACCT Board of Directors Meeting

Pre-Summit Academies

State, Province, and Territory Coordinators Network Meeting

ACCT Regional Nominating Committees Meeting


2 | 8 | 2021


NLS Kicks Off at 8:00 a.m.


General Sessions


Community College Priorities Session


Roundtable Seminar for Community College Lawyers


Policy Focus Sessions

Student Advocacy Session

Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American Trustees Meeting


African American Trustees Meeting


Association of Latino Community College Trustees Meeting


Corporate Council Roundtable Meeting 


National Capital Reception


2 | 9 | 2021

State Breakfast Meetings 

General Session


Visits to House, Senate, and Executive Branch Offices


Community College Congressional Forum on Capitol Hill


Capital Awards and Entertainment Banquet 


2 | 10 | 2021

General Session

Visits to House, Senate, and Executive Branch Offices


The Community College National Legislative Summit is presented by the Association of Community College Trustees in collaboration with the American Association of Community Colleges.


Association of Community College Trustees

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Washington, DC 20036


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